Kevin Thomas


website + api

may 2021 - present

A new Minecraft server list developed with nextjs, fastapi and postgresql. It sports exciting new features and phenomenal ui in the server listing industry. Currently launched but v2 is under development!


web browser

mar 2021 - present

A web browser created specifically for developers. Currently idle as I don't have the technical knowledge to maintain a Chromium fork. (original beta was made in electron)


nov 2021 - present

Literally this website :) Created in my free time after my Discord account got hacked :/ Developed with nextjs, tailwindcss and framer-motion. Design inspired by opensource - &

website + api

nov 2020 - present

My first project using React. A GitHub profile view counter that lets users embed a view counter image into their readme files to track the number of profile views they get. Numbers are displayed in a chart on a dashboard.

website + api

jul - oct 2020

A Discord bot listing website with clean, intuitive UI and many new features. My first time creating a large project or a web application. Developed with node/express, and html files + vuejs.

hypixel stats

discord bot

jun - dec 2020

A verified Discord bot (2000+ servers) that interacted with the official Hypixel API to bring player statistics into Discord. Developed in Python with my friend Iapetus11. Code moved to Villager Bot to reduce maintenance.


discord bot

mar - sep 2020

My first public Discord bot - a YouTube simulation bot that allowed players to create a simulation of a YouTube channel. They could upload videos and buy in-game cosmetics via Discord commands.